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The New York Times loves Childish!

Childish: The Podcast Musical, my first foray into the world of musical theater composition, has been selected by the New York Times as one of its "5 Fiction Podcasts to Get Lost In"!

Podcast producer and journalist Phoebe Lett says this about the score:

While the class and racial realities of private colleges is mercilessly mocked, the five-part “Childish: The Podcast Musical” also plays with code switching, power dynamics and artistic integrity amid a R&B-meets-musical theater soundtrack.

Broadway World has this to say about the podcast:

With 13 original songs blending a number of disparate styles from rap to jazz, Childish continues the tradition of classic musical theatre storytelling, while presenting its unusual story through the unique medium of audio fiction.

Stay tuned for more news about Childish and Lucas's other musical musings! :)

- Lucas

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